[PD] Need help with midi!

Alfonso Acosta alfonso_acosta_mail at yahoo.es
Tue May 15 21:55:43 CEST 2001


First of all I have to thank Mr Puckette for such a
good program. I've been playing with audio and it
works really well (apart from sync). Now i'd like to
work with midi but I don't manage to  use my
soundbaster's synth (emu10k-1). I dont't get any kind
of error running pd. I don't know the synth's port
number. How can I know it? 

As I said, audio works perfrctly well with the alsa
driver. Does alsa configure midi too?

When I get to the midi help  patch (midi.pd) by
clicking help on the menu from a "noteout" object I
don't know what values should I put in midiout:

Thanks a lot: 
Alfonso Acosta

thanks a lot  

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