[PD] Need help with midi!

n++k knos at free.fr
Wed May 16 05:48:12 CEST 2001

[Juan Reyes <juanig at ccrma.stanford.edu>]
| Hi,
| MIDI and ALSA seem to be very strange to each other. There is a problem
| in
| ALSA while using ALSA native MIDI drivers and nobody seems to know about
| it in the ALSA domain.


about alsa 0.9.0 + midi:
I asked once on the alsa-dev list, since i noticed the midi ports were
always busy with the newest alsa packages.. nobody did answer until i
it on the lad mailing list. Then a couple of days later some changes were
committed on the alsa-cvs fixing my rawmidi problems. The only question is
that now, while the midi works everywhere, the api in cvs as slightly
again (for mmap access i understood) .. but everything should work fine
in OSS emulation.

| Therefore I think that the question should go a bit further.. Does
| anyone
| have a MIDI IN & OUT setup working in Linux with Kernels 2.2.x or 2.4.x
| ?

now it works with alsa CVS on my gus pnp .. 


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