[PD] audio quits in NT, source of newbie info

Ben Sommer ben at bensommer.com
Wed May 16 15:31:19 CEST 2001

Has anyone experienced audio output stalling in Pd (but not in other apps, 
and not audio levels in windows "volume control") after opening a second Pd 
patch. This happens all the time for me. Setup: NT 4.0 on Dell with 
neoMagic soundcard. Remedy is usually to restart Pd.

Also, following up on Miller's suggestion in the Pd documentation, I've 
read through Dodge and Jerse's "Computer Music". The 3rd and 4th chapters 
contain useful (though occasionally algebraic) discussions of object-type 
programs like Pd. For newbies who really want to stick it out before giving 
up, try this book.

-Ben Sommer

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