[PD] connect stream socket: connection refused

_-¯-_ jdl at xdv.org
Wed May 16 17:32:01 CEST 2001

just yesterday i was getting the very same err.

i.e. works once, then after 1 time quit it wont anymore.
then i did a new kernel with some of the socket/packet filtering options
enabled, and after that it didnt even work once. ;(

anyhow, it does thou work fine if i start it remotely via X.

i also did seem to notice that there indeed _was_ a pd-gui process still hanging
around after the first attempt, which would not let itself be killed. hence

it is the same with miller 0.32P6 version and gue's p1 ..

it only happened (so far) on a brand-newly installed debian unstable, so
i thought the err was somewhere to be sought in the Xfree4 or whereever
unthroughseeable system quaqua  ..

wait 2 days and do another dist-upgrade or on systems where it works at the mom
refrain from being on the edge softwarewise. ;)

 |i have suddenly started getting an error similar to one that came up on
 |this list last year, but different.
 |after running a patch of mine (which makes use of many externals,
 |including iemlib, ext13 and d_mp3), i close pd (it doesn't seem to matter
 |how i close it, ctrl-c, file->quit or close-box on the main pd window),
 |and then future attempts to open pd (any patch / no patch) get the
 |following error:
 |$ pd
 |rcfile option = -path /usr/local/lib/pd/externs
 |rcfile option = -path /home/pix/sound/pd/lib
 |rcfile option = -path /usr/local/lib/iemlib/abs
 |rcfile option = -lib zexy
 |rcfile option = -lib iemgui
 |rcfile option = -lib iemlib1
 |rcfile option = -lib ext13
 |rcfile option = -lib d_mp3
 |rcfile option = -frags  5
 |rcfile option = -font 10
 |successfully opened /dev/dsp write-only
 |error: failed to open MIDI ports; continuing without MIDI.
 |connecting stream socket: Connection refused (111)
 |(ignore the midi error, i dont have midi)...
 |the similar error last year was about not having the loopback interface
 |installed, i have this (i know because pd works the first time). so far,
 |the only way i know to remedy this situation is to reboot. this is pretty
 |inconvenient as you can imagine... and under linux... rebooting just seems
 |wrong :)
 |there don't seem to be any processes lying around, so i'm wondering what
 |it is doing to my system?

-- I x Ð v .  o 7 g

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