[PD] Float problem with Random

Timothy Rolls trolls at binghamton.edu
Mon May 21 04:03:45 CEST 2001

Dear list,
    I have created a simple random pitch generator that when a key is played
on a controller it generates a random note. This is something I am hoping to
demonstrate to a class I am teaching on Computer Music. Whenever I play a
note, I get the following message: error: random: no method for float. I
have translated this from Max, and it works, but it gives me the error in
the terminal window. I am not using any float objects that I know of. I am
using Windows ME and pd .32. I didn't send the patch because I am not sure
if it is acceptable to send attachments. Sorry if this is a simple problem,
but I'm still feeling my way around. Thanks for any help.


Timothy Rolls, D.M.A.
Adjunct Lecturer - Music Technology
Binghamton University

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