[PD] still a newbie after all these years

Timmy B tim at algebra.uni-linz.ac.at
Mon May 21 22:57:37 CEST 2001

Iain Mott wrote:
> 2. for abstractions (a subpatch saved as a file) reference it by typing its
> name into an object without the '.pd' suffix or with the preceding 'pd'
> identifier. Ie. your example should simply be "file" rather than "pd
> file.pd". A 'one-off' subpatch (saved in its parent rather than to file) is
> created when you type "pd name" into an object - when this is done, a new
> window pops up in which you can add the contents of the patch.

Which brings up (begs) the questions: which one is faster /
more efficient /"better" in which way(s)? is it better to
copy a subpatch from one patch to another, or to create
an external file and load it? 

suggestions, implementation issues, references to
documentation greatly appreciated...



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