[PD] rme hammerfall digi9636 help??

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.ucsd.edu
Fri May 25 04:46:32 CEST 2001

Hi Guenter et al.,

Well, I downloaded "pd-0.32newrme.tar.gz" and looked at s_linux.c...
It seems that if you ask for 8 channels, for instance, the code opens
four devices for 2 channels each.  But that isn't how the driver seems
to work (from your comments at least it seemed that you had to open
one device for all the channels you wanted.)  In my own code, I tried
opening the 4 devices and failes, and then opened one device for all 8
channels and that worked.  Is this the way I should be doing it???


> Ok, for that purpose I will put a new version of the driver (0.5)
> on my ftp site. I just realized yesterday that closing of the device
> fails with newer cards (I have an old card with broken firmware).
> Generally I really ask anyone who tries the driver to send me feedback,
>  I don't mind if you shout at me that it doesn't work ..
> My plan is to include the driver in the stock linux kernel, therefore I
> need ppl testing it.
> For the driver I have rewritten the pd audio I/O code (that is, it's
> basically a cleaned up version of the "very-old-blocking-IO" code, which
> is under most situations not as "fast", but it works with "all" cards and
> even with ALSA OSS emulation).
> Advantage of testing the driver:
>  - You will have support for standard OSS stereo devices, so you will be
> able to play back any sound with 44.1, 48, (even 88.2 and 96) kHz sampling
> rate with every program that supports the OSS API. (Even "stock" pd with
> the -frags switch works).
>  - You can use more than one RME card

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