[PD] ggee | zexy | d_mp3 for SGI?

d.casal d.casal at ntlworld.com
Wed May 30 11:31:53 CEST 2001

hello all,
has anyone compiled ggee or zexy for SGI? we (www.ariada.uea.ac.uk) are
trying to do it on an Indy running Irix 6.5, but makefiles are linux only.
Ran ./configure - make, but of course it went pearshaped. Do we have to make
our own makefiles? Any other (less painful) ways around it? Our PD lives in
/usr/local/pd and each user has /usr/people/*/pd dir. I would like to
compile some external libs for them to use from global dirs. Will the new
release of zexy include sgi makefile (please please)?

thanks for any advice/help...

david casal                      +44 (0) 1603-613607

 d.casal at uea.ac.uk         http://www.ariada.uea.ac.uk/~dcasal      |

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