[PD] ggee | zexy | d_mp3 for SGI?

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Thu May 31 18:38:02 CEST 2001

> to see if we -really- are using it. I run pd on debian and rh7, but our (uea
> music dep) sgi wishes it could work as a communal performance
> instrument.
how comes ? now that pc's are that fast, who wants to use a sgi-computer
(appart from historical reasons, which should not bother us with pd (but
with ispw-max...)). but maybe this is religious

> IOhannes:
> > > Will the new release of zexy include sgi makefile (please please)?
> > >
> > i will go and have a try, but maybe i won't get it to work (at least,
> > that's the result of my last try for zexy-0.3 or so,
> thank you. were you trying on irix 6.5 or earlier? some lib issues in 6.2
> were (apparently) repaired by 6.5.
sorry; i do not  remember the version.

> >but i couldn't
> > compile any of the externals (provided with pd) then; i do not think,
> > the situation has improved much)
> Do you mean paf~ pique~ bonk~ fiddle~? we're managing to run those as
> unpacked by the dist (patch 6 irix)
exactly. my intention was not to make these externals run, but to compile
them (to see, how to edit the zexy-makefile)


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