[PD] laptop multichannel solutions under linux ?

Nicolas Lhommet nlhommet at netcourrier.com
Fri Jun 1 02:55:44 CEST 2001

Dear Juan,

I  agree with you, but let's hope that RME will provide some drivers for
their PCMCIA solution.
As most of you know, there's already an Alsa driver for their Hammerfall
card :
On this page, they say:
"ALSA support for the Hammerfall breaks the annoying chicken/egg principle:
no professional hardware/driver - no professional software... RME is proud
to be a part of this first big step for Linux towards a professional audio
usage. Possibly bothered by the Hammerfall's appearance on the Linux scene,
some of our competitors have now followed our example. Drivers for other
well-known cards and chips in the professional market are expected in the
near future."
And I hope all these companies will write some open source drivers for Linux
in the future, when we'll have the best multimedia platform, thanks to
Demudi distribution :) :
Yes, I'm optimistic !

Have a good day !

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> Dear Nicolas,
> It doesn't and they don't have any desire to write open source or even
> commercial drivers for Linux. The Digigram Card (VX-Pocket) was the
> other solution for Mac and Windoze but the situation is pretty much
> the same. Apparently there is a going to be an ALSA driver for another
> PCMCIA card but please forgive me I don't have the information at
> hand.
> _ Juan

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