[PD] laptop multichannel solutions under linux ?

dejavu88 at inicia.es dejavu88 at inicia.es
Fri Jun 1 13:39:16 CEST 2001

> hi,
> this might be slightly off topic, but I guess it's a good place 
> to ask such a question ...
> has any one on this list a multichannel (i.e. several stereo in/outs)
> working on a laptop ?
on a Cube G4 via firewire (suits any laptop with firewire)
> what interfaces are there ?
MOTU 828 firewire (8 channels)
> what drivers ?
> what's the route to take firewire ? pcmcia ? usb (yuck!) ?
It supports MacOS and Win environments very unlikely to do so under 
Linux as far as I know. Latency is ok. Advantadge: Cube is silent.

Best wishes

Ricardo Climent
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