[PD] gem - video out solutions

rat at telecoma.net rat at telecoma.net
Tue Jun 5 17:32:10 CEST 2001


i currently thinking about possibilities
about live performance gem setups.
i never used gem in a live situation before,
i just was working with it at home.
maybe there are some people on the list with some 
experience about it.
i think this could be a interesting discussion anyway.

tim boykets approach i guess was using a video machine (nogui)
for gem and another machine for the gui to controll it.  

has anybody tried it with two graphikcards, to use one screen for
the gui and the other for the videooutput ?

would it be possible in this case to run the screens on different
resolutions, because in case i want to run gem only in 640*480, because i
want to convert it to composit video afterwards anyway ?

what about cards with an additional analog videoout, can i put a different
screen on the analog video out or is it just the same image then on my
screen, or could i / do i have to use an additional analog video out
card in this case ?

are there any additional possibilities ?

thx 4 input


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