[PD] real-time audio processing

CK x at meta.lo-res.org
Mon Jun 11 16:14:25 CEST 2001

I read:
> I'm slightly confused about how pd handles files, because as it seems to me 
> there are several operators to load files, but I don't know which one's the 
> correct one for reading from a channel. 

If I assume correctly  that you are trying to process live input you should
use the adc~ object which has 2 signal outlets for the right and left channel.

> Second, whenever I connect more than 
> two functions with each other they don't seem to work anymore, which is mainly 
> because I don't know what input/output they assume (and the help files don't 
> seem to know either), resulting mostly in errors.

the status window and the tutorial patches in the doc directory should get 
you started here, basically fft~ puts out numbers suitable for consumption
of the ifft~ object, there are tutorial patches on that.

> Finally, I would like to send the results to a C program: is there anything 
> that allows me to do that other than writing things to a file, and opening it 
> from the 'main' program?

there are netsend/receive objects that enable communication via sockets (tcp 
or udp) , on unix a named pipe (mknod /tmp/mypipe p) would be another option, 
writing an external hmmm .. anything else ?



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