[PD] I think I have no idea

Álvaro Castro alvcastro at yahoo.es
Wed Jun 20 20:53:38 CEST 2001

Hi all!!

My name is Álvaro and I'm new to this list and PD. As
a newbie, my questions maybe sound a little bit
stupid, but please, you will help me a lot if you
answer them:

1) Is Pd a programming language? When I open some pd
files I see just linked squares. Maybe it has more
behind that squares?
2) What about externals? Is that what you have to make
with C++ or any language?
3) Can I have a good sound and 3d control with just
that squared objects in PD and GEM without programming
any external?
4) What are TK, TCL and wish83?

Thank you for your time! I appreciate your answers
very much!

Álvaro Castro.

P.S. As you see my problem is that to learn PD and GEM
I need to learn a programming language like C++ or
OpenGL I don't have time to learn them, because I have
my university studies.

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