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Norbert Math math at iem.kug.ac.at
Wed Jun 20 20:19:41 CEST 2001

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Álvaro Castro wrote:

> Hi all!!
> My name is Álvaro and I'm new to this list and PD. As
> a newbie, my questions maybe sound a little bit
> stupid, but please, you will help me a lot if you
> answer them:
> 1) Is Pd a programming language? When I open some pd
> files I see just linked squares. Maybe it has more
> behind that squares?

hello Alvaro,
if you are familiar with electronic music you can see pd like a
modular synthesizer - the squares being the modules (like
oscillators, filters, loudspeakers etc). These modules can be
connected together by chords - for example you can link
an oscillator to a filter and then link the filter to the 
output of the soundcard to hear the result. There are 
number boxes which act like dials to control the modules

> 2) What about externals? Is that what you have to make
> with C++ or any language?

You can use externals to expand the possibilties of
Pd - GEM for example is a set of externals (a library)
which gives you the possibility of editing and displaying
3-dimensional computer graphics (it is an OpenGl Interface).

> 3) Can I have a good sound and 3d control with just
> that squared objects in PD and GEM without programming
> any external?

You don't need to write externals yourself unless you want
to so something VERY specific.

> 4) What are TK, TCL and wish83?

These are graphical libraries which are internally used
by pd - you don't need to do anything with them unless
you have problems installing pd (on linux).

To get you started, see the pd manual at 
dhe Frequently Asked Questions at http://pure-data.org
and the GEM manual at http://www.danks.org 

> Thank you for your time! I appreciate your answers
> very much!
> Álvaro Castro.
> P.S. As you see my problem is that to learn PD and GEM
> I need to learn a programming language like C++ or
> OpenGL I don't have time to learn them, because I have
> my university studies.
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