Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Jun 25 10:50:26 CEST 2001


pd.tk file from iemlib was designed for Pd.32, while somewhere in
between version .32p1 and .32p5 there was introduced a 7th font size
to Pd.  The only trouble I can think of, apart from the error message
itself, is that the fonts in object boxes should look rather nasty.

So your solutions are: a. stay where you are; b. use the original pd.tk
file from .33 (and loose properties dialogs in iemlib) or c. patch the
iemlib pd.tk file.

Btw. there seems to be a small bug in dealing with default fonts in
sys_startgui() of s_inter.c causing the message you describe to appear
(with no other consequences?) when you start Pd with a -nogui option.


Greg Rippin wrote:
> After I put the iem externals into my newly installed pd .33, i started
> getting the message "Consistency check failed: glob_intifromgui".  Is
> this occurring because these externs were written for pd .32 patch 1,
> and is it something i need to be concerned about?

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