Problems running pd with Red Hat.

guenter geiger geiger at
Thu Jun 28 12:11:14 CEST 2001

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Rory Walsh hat gesagt: // Rory Walsh wrote:
> > Thanks Frank I changed that in the makefile as you
> > suggested, however I am now get this error,

> That could be a bug in the source code. If that's true, we will have to
> wait until Miller comes back from his vacation ;-)

Wait, wait,  ...

First, by pd-0.33 does *not* include alsa support by default, so there 
is something wrong from the beginning.
The tar.gz archive you should have is called "pd-033PATCH1-linux.tar.gz".
If you have another one, get this from Millers site under
"Pd version 0.33PATCH1 for linux (1.2 Megabytes)".

Changing makefiles should not be necessary, as you can do everything 
with the "configure script" 

Compiling for OSS should be as easy as:
#> cd src
#> ./configure
#> make

and finally to install, as "root":

#> make install

If that doesn't work, send the output of the configure script and the 
make step together with the bug report to the list ....


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