[PD] max and pd intercommunication

_-¯-_ jdl at xdv.org
Fri Jun 29 14:55:42 CEST 2001

 |I'm using the Max-objects pdnetsend and pdnetreceive
 |(from ftp://fals.ch/pub/pdnets/).
 |Seems to work fine from Pd to Max, but Pd crashes after about
 |400-500 received messages. I get:
 |recv: Unknown error (10040).
 |Any help? Other objects for Max to do the same thing?


we have stopped to use pdnetsend with max since its so tedious to use
anyhow. we havent experienced this problem on the pd-side though.

i suggest you try using OSC.
you need to get
for max

and there's an alfa version of OSC for pd in the cxc external, whcih you ll find
here: http://barely.a.live.fm/pd/cxc/

the objects are simple + crude mut(il)ations of the sendOSC/dumpOSC programs
from the cnmat/OSC website and dont support bundles,timetags and typetags
accordingly the pd-objects are named 'sendOSC' and 'dumpOSC'.

i would be good to extract OSC from cxc and fix it up a bit.
for example OSC-route is missing and you need to do full-address-routes
to get your messages to destination. like

route /synth-4-chan/freq1 /synth-4-chan/freq2 /synth-4-chan/freq3 etc ...

rathern than:
routeOSC /synth-4-chan
routeOSC /freq1 /freq2 /freq3 /freq4

additionally http://barely.a.live.fm/pd/cxc/OSCserv+utils.tbz2
is a simple perl-shcript with subscription and redistribution abilities.
its packet parsing code has a few bugs though.

tested linux only.


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