[PD] Plotting points on screen with gem

Mark Danks mdanks at Stormfront.com
Wed Jul 11 00:58:41 CEST 2001

  There isn't a "simple" way, because the rendering area is really a 3-D
viewport, not a bitmap.

  You could just render a square at a "size" which is one pixel.  Should be
straightforward math to do this.   Actually, this is probably the best way.
Set up the dimen with some values, then just create a square with the
correct size.  Using translate, you can set the position in XY without any
real problems.  You probably want to be running in single buffer mode so
that each time you "bang" the square, it will render into the viewport
without clearing the frame buffer.

  Let me know if this doesn't make any sense.

Later, Mark

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> Thanks Mark for the suggestion I looked at the example
> but I still don't see how this can help me. Is there a
> simple way I can get a yellow dot for example to
> appear at a given set of XY coordinates on the screen?
> I'm thinking the simplest way possible will do me?
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