[PD] max/msp --> net --> pd

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Fri Jul 13 17:24:19 CEST 2001

hi all !

hope this fits in:
i tried out the "pdnetsend" object (from ftp://fals.ch/pub/pdnets/ )
to control a pd-patch via max/msp.
unfortunately only the first atom of a list seems to be send (a short look
at the source code confirmed me).
has anybody fixed this ? i do not have a C-compiler for macintosh (and if
i had, i dunno whether i could use it - not that apple-freak)

(the OSCthing of the cxc-external is documented far too badly, so i want
give this a try as long as possible)


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