[PD] Where can I download Gem for Linux ( not a debian distr ibution)

Mark Danks mdanks at Stormfront.com
Mon Jul 16 17:54:41 CEST 2001

Hello Rory,

  I am guessing that your machine will not be up to the task of doing
anything serious with GEM.  It is probably powerful enough to play with a
few triangles, but will be fairly slow if you turn on texturing.  The
graphics card is _extremely_ important...probably more so than the CPU.

  If you want any advice or recommendations, just let me know.

Later, Mark

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> I just downloaded the file today, I was not able to
> download it lastweek? the last day I tried before
> today was friday and I could not make the connection?
> Anyway I have step 1 of Gem for linux complete, I have
> the file successfully downloaded! Before I start
> downloading the prerequisites, is there a specific
> directory that i should install them in? Actually
> before I throw myself into this messy situation of
> trying to compile gem myself I have to ask is it worth
> it? I am running gem on windows with this
> machine(pentium II 32mb ram) and it is very slow, I am
> not even getting proper color although I suspect this
> has to do with my graphics card, I'm not sure what it
> is, it's just a standard one that came with the
> computer. I also run redhat on the same machine, but
> if the problem of performance is to do with a useless
> graphics card is there any point in trying to compile
> it for linux? Will the poor graphics card hinder the
> performance there also? 
> your gratefully,
> Rory.
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