[PD] video cards

delire delire at selectparks.net
Wed Jul 18 17:01:08 CEST 2001

> Sounds good and i'm very interested in the dual
> display option, does it have a tv/video in port to
> capture movieclips?

no the hercules doesn't have an 'in' of any sort.
though you can mess with a tv card to do this - it works for a friend of
mine just fine ; ) the next best solution for a leaner/meaner video signal
is of course a video capture card itself - and i don't know how they fare
under linux in that you may be able to get the card outputting svga / 32 bit
colour etc but you may not get the capture facility therein. also video
capture this way is reliant on a capture application to organise and or
attenuate the input. lookup asus.com to see whether their range of dual head
/ tv out capture cards have linux support.


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