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> hi,
> to add another question:
> do the nvidia linux driver also work
> with cards with the geforce cards of other
> manufactors ?
> i could not find any "yes" to this question,
> but also the "no" was missing .
> thx
> e.

the nVidia driver only works with nVidia chipsets - 'Geforce' in most cases
means nVidia - though this is not always the case - there are brand
discrepancies if you look closely. linux is of course very particular about
getting this right. there are one or two exceptions under win98 [that i have
come across] where a non nVidia chipset works under a generic nVidia driver.
there is a whole irc channel dedicated to this conversation <#nvidia> on the
linux help circuit.
the best howto resource for all distro's can be found at www.evil3d.com
under 'articles'

nVidia has rightly made a global driver for all nVidia cards - and with a
bit of an xf86config tweak and a few rpms it's generally quite ok.
goto nvidia.com to see if your card is looked after by them. if you are
unsure it would be even better find out what versions of card your distro
[esp xf86config] looks after and let linux do the talking for you. remember
'geforce' isn't nVidia so you are best knowing whether your chipset comes
under that banner before undertaking a destructive attempt at install.
'geforce' and 'nvidia' are commonly slung together by lower-shelf
manufacturers as a means of riding on nvidia's good reputation.
nVidia drivers are sorted by distro and come as .rpm and .tar on the


a -> b, b ->c, a -> d, d -> c ...and so on...

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