[PD] mac ?explain?

delire delire at selectparks.net
Thu Jul 26 16:43:05 CEST 2001

i don't mean to be a snag here -  but could someone explain the quest to
port PD to the MacOS? especially with such an established community of
MaxMSP users - is it the evil twin syndrome or...
for me the great benefit of PD is that under LINUX it is provides all the
benefits of MaxMSP without being bound to the tides of the economically
inflated Mac platform.

Is it that you have an unnegotiably strong affinity with both MacOS and PD,
in that you would like to see them conjoined?
eg: what are the advantages other than the noble cause of the open software
movement - i mean, considering the history of MaxMSP and PD, a port is a
pretty ironic don't you think?
i guess i can appreciate a port in that context ; )


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> Actually, assuming you have Tk ( a reasonable assumption, now that there
> is a) a rootless XFree86 build available and b) a dylib of Tk that runs
> under X-Windows), one could simply compile the 'gui part.'
> As far as the base, I would start with Karl MacMillan's FreeBSD port. (I
> have to admit, I haven't seen his port; my comments are based on the
> IRIX version, from around 0.32.  But, the Mac OS UNIX layer is based on
> 4.4BSD, so his version would be the closest)  You need to rewrite the
> module loading section to use dylib, and alter some timing related
> things in the scheduler.
> Then, one could use CoreAudio/CoreMIDI for the audio and MIDI portions.
> So, I guess the answer to your question is: the base part.
> florian wrote:
> >
> > especially, wouldnt it be possible to port it to mac os x? what is
> > the most problematic
> > part to port? the 'base part' or the 'gui part'?
> >
> > as far as the 'gui part' goes, what ever happened to the gtk gui?
> >
> > >Well well, that raises the following question:
> > >Would it be too difficult to port pd to the MacOS system?
> > >
> > >Using portaudio there would at least be a common audio layer for
> > >kinds of platforms....
> >
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