[PD] mac ?explain?

chris clepper cclepper at artic.edu
Thu Jul 26 22:00:15 CEST 2001

>i don't mean to be a snag here -  but could someone explain the quest to
>port PD to the MacOS? especially with such an established community of
>MaxMSP users - is it the evil twin syndrome or...

i'm someone who has a few Macs lying about and wants to use pd.  i'm
already using jmax on OSX and pd would be great to have as well.  esp. the
networking goodies.

>Is it that you have an unnegotiably strong affinity with both MacOS and PD,
>in that you would like to see them conjoined?

um.  yes.  similar to some who love linux and pd.  that's the reason that
particular port came about.  what's the difference?

>eg: what are the advantages other than the noble cause of the open software
>movement - i mean, considering the history of MaxMSP and PD, a port is a
>pretty ironic don't you think?

think of it as 'FTS Comes Home' then.  the advantage is this: you will be
gaining group of experienced Max users who will have lots of new tools to
offer pd users.

oh and the port will happen regardless...


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