[PD] Newbie Alert - audio processing

Linium intent at club-internet.fr
Sun Jul 29 19:58:31 CEST 2001

Le Sat, 28 Jul 2001, Ben Sommer a écrit :
> Hi, I've been messing with PD a few months, and am getting the hang of it
> finally. Seems to me that, like people say, it is a programming language -
> but a pretty primitive one, i.e. there aren't many pre-fab objects and nifty
> tools that I can just plug in and use. I gotta do most operations the long

Well that's right, 
I remember the old days (i am almost 29 ;) when there were not many softwares to
run for our computers. It was natural then to program with the native BASIC.
As far I am concerned I have started a polyphonic synthesizer project with
different synthesis engine. There are layers and fx like in a top range hardware
synthesizer but right now the project is waiting I resolve the problem I have
with VNC (virtual network computer), i cannot get it to send the "tilde"
charctere symbol from my NT machine keyboards to the linux box running
PD ! :(   On the other hand despite beeing not that much complexe, i cannot get
more than 4/8 voices only with a 400mhz computer which is fairly low compared
to what I can get from "Reality" (a software synth which allow  more than 20
voices on an old PPro200mhz).

> I've worked up a sampler that I know how to use (unlike the ones in the help
> files, which I can't figure out yet). I can loop it, use the metro to do
> some things, etc. BUT HOW do I insert some processing between the table-read
> and the final output. I try just running it through a bp~ or a vcf~ or
> whatever and nothing much happens. What is the LOGIC people use to process

What do you mean by nothing much happens ?
Did you raise enough the resonnance ? Look at the console, may be you put
a signal into a control inlet preventing your patch to work correctly ?
BTW, in the /extra dir there is "rev1" , it is a reverb that you can use for any
purpose. Just send your signal into it and adjust the delay time.

> these signals and do stuff with 'em? I can figure out how to alter a
> synthesized sound, using the pre-made sythesizers, but I'm at a loss for
> doing something similar with an audio sample. If anyone would care to share
> an actual patch, that would be great. In fact, the wikiWeb thing at the pd
> site would be a nice place to put things for newbies like me to reference.

You are right again. I think that such a thing WILL happen.
There is "abstrus" which is a package some released some times ago, it contains
a phaser, a pitch shifter, a reverb, a fft filter.
That should be findable, helas I don't know where exactly.
I havn't yet tried the recent gtk gui objects but it should create motivation
to release some nice stand-alone synths and audio-tools.

> Someday I hope to share my stuff with others.
> -Ben Sommer


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