[PD] About notebook again but with PD

Andrey Savitsky savitsky3000 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 11:33:09 CEST 2001

be careful ... laptop+pd = total pd addiction. / G.G.Karman

well, i have tested PD on a notebook
( thanx to everybody who was answerimg on my question about quality of
sound. it turned out that my new lap is nice,
there is no any extreme electrical noices on the output ( if the MIC input
is stay 'mute' )).
and i got a trouble. something wrong with recording from the | adc~ | module
to the array (this chain used in patches which allow to record the own
sample, | adc~ |----| tabwrite~ array | ).
it does not happened, the array was clear.
meantime i can read data from file to the array. it does work.

PD said me during startup: there is no midi input signal. ok. i know. and i
use WIN'98 SE. (on another computer with WIN'98 everything is ok)
maybe, the reason is lack of  the LINE input (exclude the MIC input) on
Crystal soun card?

need your help.

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