[PD] Pd -nogui

HENRY Damien damien_henry at libertysurf.fr
Thu Aug 16 03:48:04 CEST 2001

Hi Rory, hi list.

> When I try to use the pd -nogui flag nothing happens,
> Pd doesn't do anything, I can't type anything at
> prompt? IS this what is supposed to ahppen, if so how
> do I use pd -nogui if I can't type anything at the
> command prompt? I'm using windows 95. Thanks in
> advance!

1) The first thing to try is to use the flag "-open mypatch.pd" (don't forgot
the .pd ;-)
this way pd will open your patch. then "loadbang" can work for you to
initialyse the dsp and make some noise. You can control your patch via midi.

2) You can use some other gui like the one in Pyton done by Joseph A. Sarlo.
you can download it here :

3) If you want to control your patch using message instead of midi you can
use another pd on another computer. see "netsend" & "netreceive" to make the
link in between.
You can use pdsend and psrecv too.

4)Have a look to the doc I've put on http://iem.kug.ac.at/pdwiki/
direct link : http://iem.kug.ac.at/pdwiki/stuff/pd-msg_04.tar.gz
You'll find pdscript from Guenter Geiger (is it Guenter or Geiger ? ;-)
This sh script will learn you how to use pdsend.
You'll find some tcl/tk script dedicated to the nogui option to load patch
and send messages to pd.
and many more things I hope !

Best regards,

Damien HENRY


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