[PD] zexy list2symbol ... corrected

Juha Vehviläinen jusukoti at atp.fi
Fri Aug 17 15:09:11 CEST 2001

Ok, I was able to trace and correct a memory bug in zexy's
list2symbol, and the corrected list2symbol_bang looks like this:

(in z_strings.c)

----- clip -----
static void list2symbol_bang(t_list2symbol *x)
  char *str=0, *s2;
  int n=0;

  binbuf_gettext(x->bbuf, &str, &n);

//  str[n]=0; // memory bug!
  s2 = malloc(n+1);
  strncpy(s2, str, n);

  outlet_symbol(x->x_obj.ob_outlet, gensym(s2/*str*/));
  freebytes(str, n);
----- clip -----

I'm no c expert, so I'm sure you'll make a similar, proper fix
in the next zexy-patch...

It seems that binbuf_gettext() only allocs n bytes of memory for str,
and doesn't put a \0 at the end, why so?

As I said, list2symbol is essential...


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> maybe you could have alook at the code yourself - seems like a memory
> allocation problem somehow.

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