[PD] Hello world and Newbie Q

Greg Rippin gmr222 at nyu.edu
Tue Aug 21 07:49:17 CEST 2001


Try |s $1|.  The send destination will be defined by the initialization argument
of the patch it's contained in.  So if your |s $1| is saved inside a patched
called "peekaboo," and you then create on object |peekaboo iseeyou| the send
destination will be "iseeyou".  You can also do |s $1too|.  The send destination
in the above case would then be "iseeyoutoo".

Hope this helps,

Sam Watson wrote:

> Hello Pd list members,
> I am brand new to your list but have been reading the archives for several
> weeks now.  I first found out about Pd through the IDM-Making list on Yahoo.
> I play cello, guitar, and bass.  I majored music and minored film in college
> but was always a computer geek.  I'm having a blast with Pd and trying to
> write a generative / improvising drum sequencer for my first truly useful
> project.
> soooo... I have a quick newbie question that I could find no answer to in
> the archive:
> Is it possible to have a "send" command be routed to switchable destination?
> For instance, the "makefilename" object allows for creation of an argument
> like "foobar%d".  Is there anyway to get send to behave likewise?  If so it
> would save me from making 64 iterations of the same piece of code which
> seems quite wasteful.
> Thanks!
> Sam

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