[PD] help! my patch breaks pd!

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Aug 22 19:00:22 CEST 2001

hi again,

after recompiling m_memory.c with LOUD #defined, creating a dummy
abstraction (with 2 objects in it), putting 40 copies of this
abstraction in a patch, and opening this patch in a new pd session
started as `pd 2&>test.out', I got one sequence of 40 identical (apart
from addresses) blocks of 44 lines each and another sequence of 40
identical blocks of 16 lines.  So for each abstraction instance I got
a total of 60 lines in test.out file: 45 of those lines are allocations
(new), 5 are upward reallocations (resize to a bigger value), 2 are
downward reallocations, and 8 are deallocations (free).


(what this all means I do not know yet, but will try to investigate
further tomorrow...)

Miller Puckette wrote:
> Hmm, since memory is getting allocated, but almost never freed, as a
> patch gets loaded, I don't think fragmentation is possible.  Perhaps
> w98 has some per-process memory limit (like the old Mac OS?)  I'm afraid
> even to guess.  But I'll at least put an appropriate doomsday message
> for the next Pd release so it at least prints something out...

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