[PD] soundfiler and raw files

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Thu Aug 23 16:18:09 CEST 2001


yes, as it seems open_soundfile() routine treats headersize==0 as an
indication that a caller wants to deduce the header from a file.  Thus
-raw flag does not mean a headerless file, but a file with a header
format known only to the user.  But since you have prepended one zero
at the beginning of the data, then just skip this zero with '-raw 4 1 4 l'
(the header size is in bytes, not in samples).


(checked your sin2.wvt, it's loading ok that way)

Gregorio García wrote:
> contain 515 32-bit floating point numbers. Im trying to read the data to an
> array using soundfiler, sending read to it with the following options:
> read - raw 0 1 4 l
> (0 as matlab says nothing about header data
> 1 for one channel
> 4 for 32 bit
> l for little endian)
> this reports an error message: unknown or bad header format
> When i change header size from 0 to 1, soundfiler reads the array but the
> data isn´t correct (the data in the attached file is supposed to contain the
> dta for sin^2 from 0 to pi).
> I get similar behaviour with headersize 2 to 99
> When i set headersize to 100 (ie read -raw 100 1 4 l) the data read suddenly
> becomes correct, but the first 26 floats in the file are missing in the
> array.

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