[PD] help! my patch breaks pd!

Greg Rippin gmr222 at nyu.edu
Fri Aug 24 04:30:30 CEST 2001

Hello all,

Thank you all very much for all of your help over the last few days.  I finally managed
to get my patch to load without dying. . .without your help, I wouldn't have had any idea
of where to start looking for a solution.  Thanks!

I checked all of my arrays, thinking that I might have left the "save contents" flag
checked on some or all of them.  Not so.

In the end, I went back and removed most of the comments from all of the subpatches, and
thing loaded like magic.  In hindsight, I guess I should have done this earlier, since
adding comments was one of the last things I did before this started happening.  I
suppose that I was thinking of comments as being pretty benign, irrelevant portions of a
patch, and that made me overlook them as possible suspects.  What could I have put in a
comment to make it kill the entire patch?  I was pretty careful to avoid placing $'s in
them. . .

I suppose I should reexamine and try to streamline my patches a bit more (thanks all for
the helpful example patches).  I'll also try to track down any uncontrolled loops that I
may have missed.

Thanks again, everyone.  (By the way, the name harmonanal.pd stands for harmonic
analysis, despite whatever else it suggests...)


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