[PD] another newbie question

pix pix at test.at
Fri Aug 24 12:25:24 CEST 2001

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001 12:22:10 -0400
HENRY Damien <damien_henry at libertysurf.fr> wrote:

> > which is the best way of making an audio signal to a control one. I
> mean,
> > it must be a better way than using the snapshot~ with a metro objetc,
> no?
> Try avg~ from the zexy lib.
> Damien.

or unpack~ for some serious samplewise-dsp action. (also from zexy)

it turns every sample into a control message... it's a little cpu
intensive so don't use it unless you really need it... 

but it can be a lot easier than writing an external :)

see the recent posts in the archive for examples of how to use it, or look
at the zexy help files for unpack~ + drip/unfold/repack.


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