Sv: [PD] Trouble getting midi input, midi output ok. Please Help.

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I can only say I have the same problem! Exactly! It was not there under Windows 95.

I had a similar problem on another computer where I wanted to install Pro Tools 5.1 an DIGI01. Even though Prot Tools was not at all startede up it occupied the sound in and sound out device. So I had to buy another more humble soundcard from Soundblaster - and work with this also in the computer - just to have pd and pro tools on the same platform. Wish somebody could manage this out.

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  I'm new to Pd and am trying to get midi to work. When I type " pd -listdev "  I get the error 
    midiInOpen : MMSYSTEM002 A device ID has been used that is out of range of your system . 
  Does anyone have any idea what common problems would cause this. My motherboard has built in sound using the Crystal Semi. CS4299 . Midi output is working. I'm running W98 . I have my Midi input and output drivers configured as MPU -401 . I'd appreciate any thoughts as I'm stuck.
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