[PD] pd speed performance in Windows 98 question?

nullpointer nullpointer at odessadesign.co.uk
Sun Sep 9 22:14:26 CEST 2001

Hi Jim,

I use Pd on winME and win95..
There is ultimately little that you can do about the latency issues..(faster
processor will help a little but i don't think that extra ram will really
You could play with the audiobuffer variable to get better latency for your
midi timing but you will lose audio quality...You could try updating your
drivers for your midi/audio card..

I am running a 750 mhz machine but i still get pretty bad midi latency (as i
still do sometimes with Cubase e.t.c.) The new version of pd is supposed to
have better midi timing i think (miller will know) but without really
windows custom drivers i thini you are going to have to live with it or
create a workaround...

Once i wrote a patch system that delayed the whole audio output to DAC by
the Midi latency (adjustable by the user) to tie the two together in some
way, but oviously this isn't very good for any live work...

hope this helps

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(all suffixes enabled)

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Subject: [PD] pd speed performance in Windows 98 question?

>I was wondering if anyone has any tips other than what is in the pd
>documentation on how to get more speed out of pd. I'm running a 500 MHz
>Celeron processor withWindows 98. When I run with midiin,midiout nosound I
>get good timing on midi if I add soundout (dac) I get a lot of jitter and
>delay on midiout. What would be the best way to get rid of this. ie. more
>RAM?, faster processor ... any thoughts? Thanks!
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>Subject: [PD] Gem
>> Hi!
>> I'm wondering how to compile GEM.
>> I checked all the libraries, got everything, and now i get errors,
>> seems like the code is not proper.
>> In short words, if somebody knows stable compiling release.
>> I got RedHat 7.1.
>> Thanks in advamce.
>> Serge

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