[PD] Im new, a few q's

Casey Basichis caseybasichis at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 10:16:35 CEST 2001


i just started getting into PD ive been using reaktor but i really want to get into some of the more advance programs (csound, max/msp, supercollider and pd).  I have a few questions, first, are there any externals that take advantage of not only the x/y and preassure of a wacom tablet but also the tilt menu at the top the buttons and 4d mouse?  I saw i guy perform using the tilt a lot but i think he was using max.  Second, coming from reaktor im kinda used to knowing exactly what types of synthesis and operations i can do, what is pd capable of?  (scanned synth, granular, physical modeling?)  do these each have to be programmed everytime from tiny blocks or are they part of bigger blocks like in reaktor (ie you load an sine wave osc or you load a granular synth object), Finally what are the differences between pd and max and jMax(can max do more types of synthesis) and also Supercollider and cSound (i know they are languages but are they way more powerful or no)


Casey Basichis

caseybasichis at yahoo.com

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