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pd-announce would be big comfort ...

 |Yes, I've asked for this some months ago, but now I'm convinced that it was
 |not a very good idea.
 |The traffic isn't too important, and as a newbie, I was happy to be helped
 |by people like Miller, Guenter or Johannes. As an user, it was interesting
 |to hear about advanced features and to feel the work in progress. I think
 |that every pd "developer" is an experimented user, and every user could (and
 |should, for his own freedom) become a "developer", and Pd needs this,
 |because it's still in developement.
 |Thank you to everybody here for the support, kindness and great free
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 |> hello,
 |> some time ago there was a request for separate pd lists for the developers
 |> & the users.. i'd like to renew it. maybe it would also make sense to have
 |> a very low-volume pd-announce list, too?
 |> re,
 |> gert

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