[PD] dollarsigns in GUI objects

dieb dieb13 at klingt.org
Wed Sep 12 12:04:37 CEST 2001

my problem with the #0 and \$0 thing is:
i can save a gui object with #0 in it and it gets replaced correctly 
on the nextloading, but if i save the patch again after doing some
the number is stored instead of #0 or $0.
so saving only works once...


> hi,
> right, you can either escape it (\$), or simply write a hash (#)
> in the properties dialog, but then you cannot save instantiated
> abstractions, because the gui objects have their own saving
> functions which know of the instantiated parameters and not of
> the template form of parameters (unless you save the template).
> If you do save an instantiated abstraction -- and 1) it should be
> allowed; 2) it is very easy to make such a mistake accidentally
> (by pressing Ctrl-s instead of Ctrl-w or Ctrl-e or even wanting to
> save the parent patch while abstraction window is active) -- then
> all your parameters are gone.
> Krzysztof
> marius schebella wrote:
> ...
> > i tried to use dollarsigns in the GUI-Objects and after some trying i found
> > maybe a possible handling:
> > if you type "\$1" instead of "$1" the properties-dialog takes it and next
> > time fills it with the arguments given.

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