[PD] .pdrc (was:Can't get zexy to load)

Timothy Rolls trolls at binghamton.edu
Sun Sep 23 21:29:23 CEST 2001

OK, now I am becoming concerned. I tried both Frank and mik's suggestions
and all I get is "no such file or directory." Yet when I open pd it will say
"home/trolls/.pdrc." If I go to another directory, such as usr/lib, and open
pd, it says "usr/lib/.pdrc." I'm getting this strange Microsoft flashback
where a program would create a temp file when started, and erase it when
closed. It doesn't sound like this is what should happen, but it reminds me
of it. Is there any other way to check this? I have also tried un-hiding
hidden files in the gnome filemanager and looking for it there, but can't
find it. And I tried to use locate .pdrc, but that didn't work.

Also, after being able to use zexy by directing it to the path yesterday, I
cannot open it today. I get "zexy: cannot load library." I have checked and
rechecked and rechecked again the path. Is it starting to look like my
system could be messed up? Am I streching? Perhaps I am sleeping and this is
just a bad dream. Any ideas are welcome.


PS - remember that I am a linux newbie and please type slow.

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> Timothy Rolls hat gesagt: // Timothy Rolls wrote:
> > I thought I had this fixed last night, but now I can't find .pdrc again.
> there could be a lot .pdrc-files, but the one used by PD is the one in
> home directory. You can find out, where your home directory is, with this
> command:
> $ echo $HOME
> /home/frank
> Your .pdrc always is in $HOME/.pdrc
> Another shortcut for $HOME is the tilde ~
> Try "less ~/.pdrc"
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