[PD] subwindow-dollar-tabread4~

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Sep 26 13:19:30 CEST 2001


marius schebella wrote:
> hi,
> I recognized a - as i think - strange behaviour of filling $1-variables in
> subpatches with the "tabread4~"-object. I tried to pass a symbol as argument
> to a subwindow ("pd subpatch argument-xyz" and in the subpatch i have
> "tabread4~ $1".

Passing arguments to a subpatch, with or without tabread4~, has no effect,
because a subpatch does not have its own environment.  It simply inherits
a parent's environment, so if a subpatch is inside an abstraction, then
it gets those arguments, that are passed to this abstraction.

> Also, "tabread4~ $1-table" never takes a number ("tabread4~ 1007-table"),
> even if it is in an abstraction.
> But: "tabread4~ $0-table" is ok.

Well, you are using $0-table for an array name -- this means your array
lives in an abstraction.  Since saving/loading such arrays is of no use
(unless you are going to have only one abstraction instance in the patch),
maybe it is better to use a [table] object, which handles dollars correctly.


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