[PD] +~?

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.ucsd.edu
Wed Jan 2 19:19:50 CET 2002

Should be no difference in execution time.  

In throw~/catch~ you should watch order of execution
so that the catch~ comes later, otherwise you pick up a 64-sample delay.
(I take care of this by using subpatches with signal connections
between them; as long as a subpatch with throw~ objects is audio-connected
somehow to the subpatch with a catch~ you won't get the delay.


On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 06:58:17PM +0100, Søren Bovbjerg wrote:
> > does anyone know which way is more efficient? potentially the "all in one
> > inlet" approach could be (since pd knows more about what is really going
> > on).
> I usually use throw~ and catch~ to mix signals. 
> I don't know about difference in CPU usage between catch~ and +~
> Anybody?
> /Soeren

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