[PD] Gem: ati mach64 with dri working

rat at telecoma.net rat at telecoma.net
Thu Jan 3 04:06:32 CET 2002


i compiled today successfully
the ati mach64 dri branch of dri.sourceforge.net .

for fellows who have the same chip (mostly on notebooks) 
i put together the steps which brought me to success at

its very rough written,
and its inevitable to read also the dri compilation
guide at dri.sourceforge.net section documentation.

i wrote the rough guide because there are some obsolete
steps at the dri documentation and a few additional.
simply compare the steps.
maybe some of them are not obsoltete for you ...

be careful and of course no guaranty :-)

glxgears give me now 289 fps instead of 178
(compaq armada e500 pentium 800)

unfortunately Gem still gives the following errors when
i create a gemwin:

error: GEM: Unable to create single buffer window
error: GEM: Error creating const context
error: GEM: A serious error occured creating const Context
error: GEM: Do not continue!

compiling Gen again pointing at the new /usr/X11R6-DRI/libs
did not help.

still i get also some errors in the XFree86.0.log
but maybe one can discuss this later when a few people
tried it out.



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