[PD] questions

Listas jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Thu Jan 3 16:18:27 CET 2002

Dear list,

I am new to PD, and I would like to make some questions, if possible. I've
read through the manual that came with the package, but it isn't yet
complete, so I couldn't find all the answers.

Is there any reference file for the objects env~, loadbang, switch~, block~?

In the file phasor~.pd(reference folder) the object sig~ is used with the
parameter "890". What is the function of this value?

In the objects line, line~ what is the funcion of the right-side input?

Is there any way to clean the command window?

Does PD work with Suse?

I haven't tested audio input yet, because I don't have any external devices
connected. Is there any pre-made patch that might test it? I can only use
the internal sources (wave or cd)

Is there any way of simulating the input of midi commands without having an
external device?

Is it possible to run realtime synthesis with csound in pd? (like it is
possible now with max)

In my laptop (compaq presario 700ea, windows xp) I use an external mouse.
But this seems to (sooner or later) make the message "audio I/O stuck...
closing audio" appear, and the only way to hear sound is reinitializing the
program. When the touchpad is used, that problem doesn't happen. I
tried -noadc to make it lighter, but it just delays the problem. Next I will
try with -nomidiin, but I think it won't be a definite sollution (and for
now I don't need inputs yet). Did anybody had that kind of problems so far?


João Miguel Pais

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