[PD] questions

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Thu Jan 3 17:22:33 CET 2002

hi all, and happy 2002!

Listas wrote:
> Is there any reference file for the objects env~, loadbang, switch~, block~?

Help/Pure Documentation->3.audio.examples/45.envelope.follower.pd,
Help/Pure Documentation->1.manual/2.4.4.

> In the file phasor~.pd(reference folder) the object sig~ is used with the
> parameter "890". What is the function of this value?

DC signal value.  If input into a [phasor~], it is interpreted as
frequency in Hz.

> In the objects line, line~ what is the funcion of the right-side input?

Ramp time in ms.

> Is there any way to clean the command window?

If you start Pd with '... &', you get full control over terminal window.
> Does PD work with Suse?

Why not?

> I haven't tested audio input yet, because I don't have any external devices
> connected. Is there any pre-made patch that might test it? I can only use
> the internal sources (wave or cd)

Help/Test Audio and MIDI.

> Is there any way of simulating the input of midi commands without having an
> external device?

Yes, use a sequencer and a virtual MIDI port.

> Is it possible to run realtime synthesis with csound in pd? (like it is
> possible now with max)

Not yet (but soon...?)


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