[PD] multichannel output

Erasmus Zipfel zipfel at ON-Luebeck.DE
Thu Jan 3 22:28:02 CET 2002

My problem is to get four analog independent audio-stream
channels: I plan to create a terrible quadro sample with csound,
process it by pd and output the result to 4 loudspeakers.
The last step (out of my Linux-box) is unclear to me:
how can I transform the data to real 4 channel analog sound.
Is it doable with two eg. SB cards ?
There are roumors some PCI128 cards support 4 channel output
( has anybody got this working ) ?

Or do I have to spend $$$ on a RME-Hammerfall-AEB4-O combo.

Even in the last case which sounds most elegant I am not sure which
drivers or pd settings are needed.

Thanks for any help.

Erasmus Zipfel
Wakenitzmauer 1
D-23552 Luebeck, Germany
tel. 0451 76147

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