[PD] multichannel output

vanDongen/Gilcher gml at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 4 00:06:07 CET 2002

>Or do I have to spend $$$ on a RME-Hammerfall-AEB4-O combo.
>Even in the last case which sounds most elegant I am not sure which
>drivers or pd settings are needed.

Definitely use alsa drivers. Check the www.alsa-project.org page to see 
which cards are supported. I use a RME digi 96/8 which gives you 8 
channel output. There are other multichannel cards that work. Ask on the 
alsa mailing list about other peoples experiences before buying! Some 
cards are easier to set up than others. I once tried to set up a box with 
3 SB 128's, I got 6 channel input, but could use only one card for output 
without distortion. If sync between channels is important you need to get 
a single card that does 4 channels anyway. Or the expensive cards that 
allow external sync and a master clock generator, in which case  a 
hamerfall would be cheaper.

Hope this helps


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