[PD] multichannel output

Søren Bovbjerg bovbjerg at musik.auc.dk
Fri Jan 4 08:13:43 CET 2002

Any Soundblaser Live! with the opensource drivers (from
http://opensource.creative.com) supports 4 channel output through front and
rear output on the card. Just get the cheapest you can find. They are
basicly all the same. I think that the default mixer settings route the two
dsp devices to front and rear (if not there is some text regarding setting
up the routing - and a mailing list you can ask ;))

If you start PD with -outchannels 4
dac~ 1 is front L
dac~ 2 is front R
dac~ 3 is rear L
dac~ 4 is rear R


> My problem is to get four analog independent audio-stream
> channels: I plan to create a terrible quadro sample with csound,
> process it by pd and output the result to 4 loudspeakers.
> The last step (out of my Linux-box) is unclear to me:
> how can I transform the data to real 4 channel analog sound.
> Is it doable with two eg. SB cards ?
> There are roumors some PCI128 cards support 4 channel output
> ( has anybody got this working ) ?
> Or do I have to spend $$$ on a RME-Hammerfall-AEB4-O combo.
> Even in the last case which sounds most elegant I am not sure which
> drivers or pd settings are needed.

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