Fw: [PD] questions

Joao M Pais jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Fri Jan 4 14:42:58 CET 2002

 > > Is there any way to clean the command window?
 > If you start Pd with '... &', you get full control over terminal window.
 I'm sorry, but I didn't understood. Can you give me an example of the
 command line?

 > > I haven't tested audio input yet, because I don't have any external
 > > connected. Is there any pre-made patch that might test it? I can only
 > > the internal sources (wave or cd)
 > Help/Test Audio and MIDI.
 What I meant was if I could test the input into the program from an
 source (like cd or wave out from media player). The question was how to
 connect both ends.

 Joao M Pais

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