[PD] piping into csound (was: questions)

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sat Jan 5 10:44:52 CET 2002

hi Orm,

Orm Finnendahl wrote:
> create a pipe as pseudo file with the command "mkfifo <filename>",
> specify this filename as pipe input in csound (using the -L flag) and
> open this file for writing from within pd (using my fileprint
> external).

it is a very nice idea.  Based on the results you get while testing
your external, could you somehow assess the jitter you get?  Is timing
much better than if you would have simply run

<pd-command> 2>&1 | awk '/csound/{print substr($0,9)}' | <csound-command>

and sent score line-events to [print csound] object?

> The object has one drawback, though: pd strips the first element in a
> list which is sent to the object, as I used class_addanything in the
> setup function of the object. There must be a way to get around that,

Is your implementation based on print class implementation
(x_interface.c) and the family of post() routines (s_print.c)?


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